Business Evaluation

We believe that we are, as practicing accountants, with many years experience of dealing with a diverse range of clients, ideally placed to provide logical and constructive advice to our clients. Our approach is to apply an independent and critical analysis of the business performance allied to your ambitions and needs, both in the short and longer term.

Our view is that the client’s best interest is served by an advisor who is prepared to listen to the client and provide an informed critique of their aims and objectives; where appropriate putting forward a range of alternative strategies.

In carrying out our evaluation we will consider options including the ultimate sale of the business or indeed the acquisition of other complementary companies.

Whether buying or selling, it is important to maximise resources and to identify the most tax efficient way forward. It is important to consider the various options and the processes involved, prior to entering into any commitment.

Our experience allows us to have positive input into these processes, adopting a pro-active, constructive and practical approach to achieve the optimum result.

Business Evaluation

Our commitment to service ensures that our client base continues to increase as a result of referrals from existing clients and professional contacts.